If your teacher is absent, coaching is closed or you are traveling we make sure you don't miss your classes.

Tutoring Support

Tutoring Support is a support system to help young learners when their tutors are on leave or their tuition center is closed. You can buy 3, 6 or 12 hour of support with validity of 3, 6 and 12 month respectively.

Online Coaching

Join our online group classes live from Global Delivery Center. Entire schedule is published before hand with clear guidelines; which makes it easier for learners to plan their schedule.

Online Tuitions

Students who are looking for 1 to 1 regular online tuitions with fixed schedule for personalized learning then this is best option for them. Student can subscribe for 2-5 classes per week basis on their need.


About JustTutors

Just Tutors is tutoring helpline to provide affordable and on-demand education to learners across country. Our teachers are not freelancers they are full time trained teachers who work from our Global Delivery Center in a controlled and monitored environment. We are working with schools and education domain companies in India, Nepal, Japan, US and the UK. We started as a tutoring company in 2012 and since its inception we’ve delivered more than 60,000 online sessions and more than 45,000 offline sessions. We are one of the India’s leading educational providing companies. Keeping pace with globalization and technology in education domain we will empowers young learners to experience the whole new world of quality education. We closely track both teachers’ as well as learners’ progress. We won’t ask you to select your teachers as we will do that for you, all our tutors are selected after rigorous recruitment process and their sessions are evaluated regularly by senior academic mentors.

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Very User friendly platform.

We are not a technology company we are an education company with deep knowledge of education domain.

In a current scenario lot of companies are delivering education in a market place model, this can be successful business model but can never be successful education delivery model. Its very important that trained teacher should teach not just anyone who become a teacher just to earn some extra bucks.

No Freelancers

We believe, education can be delivered by those in a better manner, who are engrossed in this profession; not the one who just wants to make extra money for some time. All our teachers are full time and go through the most rigorous selection process..

Creative Content

All our content is well designed as we break entire content into small parts to make it easier. All our classes consist of best possible real life examples to connect learners with usage of concept in real life.

Background Check

We strongly believe that every learner should be in safe hands due to lot of cyber crimes nowadays. All our tutors need to go through a background check, before a tutor is hired, they must undergo a complete background check. All of our tutors are based in India and they need to have Police Clearance Certificate.

Quality Control

We evaluate random sessions of different tutors every week just to ensure tutors is able to meet all learning criteria. Our senior academic team gives regular feedback to teachers and that’s how they improve every day session after session.

Work from Office

All our teachers work from office in a controlled environment just to make sure they are delivering session as per need of learner. We have robust Office Infra to ensure there are no technical issues during session.

Learning Pace

As every learner is different so we follow pace of learner. It’s important for us to make learner feel comfortable. And it’s imperative to come down to learners’ level and teach the way they understand. To make topics clear to our learners we have kept our strategy flexible- according the learners’ level or complexity of the question.

Lesson Plan

For regular tutoring we create proper lesson plan and follow the same. By having proper lesson plan it helps learner to follow a proper academic plan. It tracks the learning curve of a particular student and gives the clear picture.


Keeping the quality education in reach. We don’t charge premium pricing as we strictly believe education must be affordable. Our group session is Rs. 50 and our one to one tutoring starts from Rs. 300/hr.

Communication Skill

As communication is one of the major factors in any field. Here too, it plays a key role in delivering a given lesson. All our teachers are minimum graduate with deep subject knowledge and they have excellent communication skill to ensure language is not a bottleneck in delivering the lesson.


E-mail: hello@justtutors.com
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